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Meet psychology alum and serial entrepreneur Wilson Lee

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What can you do with a psychology degree?

Studying psychology not only gives you a broad range of skills spanning science and the arts, it prepares you for a number of exciting career options. Psychology graduates qualify for entry-level positions in fields as diverse as marketing, sales, government, journalism, advertising, healthcare, social work, and counseling. Learn more

A degree in psychology will provide you with many skills, which are helpful when career building. You can:

  1. predict and understand the behaviour of individuals and groups
  2. understand how to use and interpret data
  3. evaluate the legitimacy of claims about behaviour
  4. know how memory and learning function
  5. have insight into problematic behaviours
  6. demonstrate the capacity to adapt to change
  7. understand and operate effectively throughout the channels of an organization
  8. manage difficult situations and high stress environments
  9. start and carry out projects with limited information or experience
  10. show persistence in challenging circumstances 

See what our graduates are doing with a psychology degree

Psychology graduate Katherine Moore faced down her own obstacles to help others
Growing up, Katherine Moore had a hard upbringing and she struggled. There was poverty and drug use in her community—and dysfunction at home. When Moore graduated from high school, university seemed out of reach for her. Despite these challenges, she pursued her degree in psychology and is working towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a […]

Lesley Duncan is combining data and psychology to inform strategies
Three-time UBC Psychology graduate Lesley Duncan’s pursuit of knowledge and passion for psychology is making room for social science research at the boardroom table. Putting her psychology background to good use, Duncan is now the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Distill Analytics. Distill Analytics commercializes social science research by generating assessments of the psychological drivers […]

Portrait of a PhD student: Siba Ghrear and social perspective taking
How do children make sense of others’ thoughts and beliefs? How does this change as they grow up? UBC Psychology PhD student Siba Ghrear seeks to answer these questions in a study on social perspective taking. Siba has also co-authored a study with UBC Psychology professor Susan Birch about children learning with interactive media. Receiving several […]

Class of 2017 Snapshot: Brandon Woo, BSc ‘17 Psychology (Hons)
Meet Brandon Woo, BSc ‘17 Psychology (Hons). Naturally inquisitive, Brandon’s quest to understand the psychology behind everyday social issues has led him to receive numerous awards and accolades—including a fellowship at Harvard University. This budding scientist puts to practice what he has learned—and researched—in his everyday life. We have no doubt he will soon be mentoring and teaching another generation of students just like him. In advance of […]

Meet psychology alum and serial entrepreneur Wilson Lee
What can you do with a psychology degree? Wilson Lee (BA ’09, Psychology) is a self-professed ‘serial entrepreneur’. He heads a marketing agency, an event production company, and an ice-cream chain. In May 2016 he was named a BC Business 30 under 30 for his efforts. 30 Under 30 celebrates future business leaders under 30 […]

For Jennifer Ferris, BA Psychology 2013, curiosity is key
When UBC Psychology alumna Jennifer Ferris talks about her research, her face becomes animated and her eyes cast that certain light of a person with a desire to discover. Ferris, an MSc candidate in UBC’s Graduate Program of Neuroscience, completed her undergraduate degree at UBC with Honours in Psychology. You’ll now find her performing research under […]