UBC Psychology researchers receive CIHR support to advance their research

UBC Psychology professors Liisa Galea, Jason Snyder and Catharine Winstanley are among UBC’s health researchers who have received Project Grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

From exploring new drug treatment for cognitive impairments caused by traumatic brain injury – to decision making in the adult brain – to how pregnancy affects the aging brain, the following research projects will advance health-related knowledge and research.

  • Liisa Galea received $573,375 to support her research project: The aging maternal brain: implications for estrogen therapy on cognitive health and dementia risk.
  • Jason Snyder received $940,335 to support his research project: Adult neurogenesis and delay-based decision making.
  • Catharine Winstanley received $668,940 to support her research project: Neuroinflammation at the nexus of stimulant addiction, impulsivity and traumatic brain injury.

In addition, UBC Psychology professors Frances Chen and Rebecca Todd received CIHR New Investigator Awards. This early career funding provides support for the following research:

ChenFrances Chen received $300,000 to support her research project: Leaving the Familiar Behind: Predictors of Friendship Formation and Social Integration in New Communities.

ToddRebecca Todd received $300,000 over 5 years to support her research project: The influence of neurogenetics and stressful experience on emotionally-biased attention and learning.

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