Travel Expense Reimbursement Form | Instructions & Guidelines


  • Payee: Enter the name of the payee as it should appear on the cheque. Use the full legal name. For a vendor, please do not use acronyms – for example: Canadian Psychological Association not CPA. There can only be one payee per expense form.
  • Address: Enter the house number, street address, city, province/state, postal/zip code and country. It is essential this information is clear and correct. The cheque will be mailed to this address.
  • Amount: Enter the total amount to be reimbursed including taxes, if applicable. Note: currency conversions are not required.
  • Speedchart: Include designated Speedchart number.
  • Purpose of Trip: Enter the purpose of the trip. For example, the conference name or nature of field work.
  • Destination: Enter destination travelled.
  • Duration of Trip: Enter the start and end date of the trip.
  • Signature of Traveler: Require an original signature.
  • Direct Supervisor’s Approval: Require an original signature, print full name and title.


  • One travel claim form per traveler. Travel claims should be submitted within thirty (30) working days of the traveler’s return.
  • Currency conversions are not required.
  • Airfare: economy fare e-ticket which includes the traveler name, e-ticket number, itinerary, breakdown of cost and proof of payment.
  • Original boarding passes for each leg of the journey.
  • Original detailed hotel folio: breakdown of cost by day and proof of payment.
  • Conference itinerary that shows the traveler presented.
  • Additional justification required if traveler did not present. For example, purpose for attending the conference and the direct link to research.
  • Original meal receipts: must be itemized. No alcohol allowed.
  • For any other expenses, original receipts must be provided.

If you have questions, please contact the UBC Psychology Finance Team:
Phone: 604-822-2910 | Email: finance[at]