TA Allocation (Supervisor form)

If you are supervising graduate students in 16/17, please complete and submit the form below.

Each faculty member is entitled to up to 3 full-time TA appointments shared among the students she or he supervises. Indicate in the FTE column how you want that allocation assigned. Entitlements may not be carried forward or transferred to others.

  • Students with a major award may receive up to a 50% TAship (e.g., 96 hr/term for both terms).
  • Students may request more hours than you’ve indicated in the FTE column.
  • If there’s a limit to the hours you want your student to work, indicate that in the “Max” column.

Use these allocations for FTE (%) and Max (%)

  • 100% = 12 hrs for both terms (192 hrs/term)
  • 75%   =  9 hrs for both terms (144 hrs/term)
  • 50%   =  6 hrs for both terms (96 hrs/term) or 12 hr for one term (192 hrs in one term)
  • 25%   =  6 hrs for one term (96 hrs in one term)
  • TA Appointments

  • Student nameFTE (%)Max (%) *optional 
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  • If you have any questions please contact Tara Martin: taramm@psych.ubc.ca