Learning Enhancement

The Learning Enhancement area promotes the teaching and learning of psychology. The primary focus is to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduate students in psychology. Our faculty members have expertise in diverse areas of psychology and teach courses in diverse subdisciplines of the field.


Faculty in focus: For Simon Lolliot, teaching is deep rooted
Simon Lolliot’s drive to teach was shaped by his family, his path to education, and his teachers. Lolliot, instructor 1 in the department of psychology, uses his own experiences to shape his students’ experience in the classroom. He says psychology is a subject that is unique in that we live it, all the time. Lolliot […]

Dr. Steven Barnes shares tips on student well-being
Let’s be honest: being a student can be stressful. Balancing a full course load with other commitments isn’t easy, and we often end up neglecting the most important part of our university experience: our well-being. Learning how to balance your workload and to take care of yourself is a crucial skill that often isn’t taught in the classroom. […]

Textbook lesson in savings for UBC students
Students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have saved over $1 million through the Open Textbook Project, which provides flexible and affordable access to higher education resources. Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson visited a social psychology class at UBC today to talk to students about how they have benefitted from the use of open […]

Taking an animated approach to teaching
A UBC psychology instructor is taking a creative approach to teaching – through the use of stop-motion animation. Steven Barnes, an Instructor in the Department of Psychology, has employed art and interactivity in his work for several years. His methods range from the use of stop-motion ‘chalkboard’ animation in his classes, to allowing students to […]

New UBC MOOCs bring free psychology courses to students across the globe
UBC Psychology Instructor Steven Barnes is delivering his award-winning instruction to students from over 150 countries. With a self-described eclectic approach to teaching, Barnes explores new ways of sharing knowledge by bridging storytelling and technology. For example, to help students learn science he developed chalkboard-based stop-motion animations and videos to animate the ideas he teaches. […]

Catherine Rawn’s course with a hashtag
To create a course about the psychology of social media it was only natural that Dr. Catherine Rawn, Senior Instructor in UBC’s Department of Psychology, turned to social media to source ideas and develop content. The result is Psychology of Self in Social Media (PSYC 325). Rawn, an early adopter of social media, started chronicling […]

Catherine Rawn in using peer assessments to encourage peer-based learning
UBC Psychology Senior Instructor Catherine Rawn recently sat down with Arts ISIT to share her ideas on the pedagogy and the value of implementing peer assessments in her courses–and the TLEF project she collaborated on with Professor Peter Graf. Back Story A few years ago I began experimenting with peer assessments in my introductory PSYC […]

Dr. Catherine Rawn says student chitchat can actually be a good thing
Talking in class is often frowned upon, but what if student chatter is actually beneficial? Catherine Rawn, a senior instructor at UBC’s department of psychology, and Gillian Sandstrom, a recent PhD graduate, explore the topic in their latest paper “Embrace Chattering Students: They May Be Building Community and Interest in Your Class.” The paper examines […]

UBC Arts student Audrey Tong receives new scholarship founded by Dr. Catherine Rawn
Audrey Tong is an incoming fifth-year University of British Columbia student majoring in Honours Political Science with International Relations, a scholarship recipient, and a successful Co-Op student. Dr. Catherine Rawn is a Senior Instructor in the University of British Columbia Psychology Department, and a recent recipient of the Killam Teaching Prize and the Knox Master […]

Chalk it up to experience: Steven Barnes’ stop-motion animations bring blackboard to life
A blackboard and chalk may not sound like cutting edge technology, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the way UBC psychology instructor Steven Barnes employs the classic tools of the teaching trade. With the help of research assistant Chandra Jade, the tenure-track instructor is developing a series of 10 stop-motion animations for his third-year Brain and […]

Using new media in the classroom to engage and interact with students
It’s not surprising that an artist would use stop-motion animation as an educational tool. Although he teaches science, Steven Barnes is an active artist and he strives to combine art and science in his work. Explaining content using different forms of digital media is new for science education and this exciting new project brings Barnes’ background as […]