Core faculty

Lynn Alden
PhD University of Illinois, Urbana, 1975
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: CBT; Evidence-based Interpersonal
Paul Hewitt
Professor and Director of Clinical Training
PhD University of Saskatchewan, 1988
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Psychodynamic; Interpersonal dynamic (Sullivanian)
David Klonsky
PhD University of Virginia, 2005
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Behavioural; cognitive behavioural; humanistic/person-centered
Amori Mikami
PhD University of California – Berkeley, 2004
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Cognitive-behavioural; Community Psychology
Joelle LeMoult
Assistant Professor
PhD University of Miami, 2012
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Cognitive-behavioural
Sheila Woody
PhD American University, 1992
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Evidence-based treatment
Connor Kerns
Assistant Professor
PhD Temple University, 2013

UBC Psychology Clinic Director

Ingrid Söchting
PhD Simon Fraser University, 1996
Theoretical/Clinical Orientations: Schema-based Cognitive Therapy; Behavioural Therapy; Cognitive Therapy; Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT; Weismann & Klerman)

Affiliated faculty

Note: Emeritus faculty do not accept or supervise graduate students.

Kenneth Craig
Professor Emeritus
PhD Purdue University, 1964
Boris Gorzalka
Professor Emeritus
PhD University of California, 1974
Charlotte Johnston
PhD Florida State University, 1987
Wolfgang Linden
Professor Emeritus
PhD McGill University, 1981