Visual Cognition Lab Studies

The UBC Visual Cognition Lab has multiple interesting paid experiments running all term long that need your help!

General Eligibility:

  • Be aged 18-35 to run in ALL experiments.
  • Be able to understand instructions in English.
  • If you require vision correction (e.g. you are near-sighted), you must wear corrective lenses to the appointment.
    In some experiments, there are additional restriction criterium. If you do not fit the criteria, we will not be able to run you on the experiment.

The maximum number of experiments you are allowed to sign up for in one day is TWO. This is to ensure that your eyes do not get overly fatigued.

Some experiments may have additional restriction criterium. For more guidelines and policies, check the UBC visual Cognition Lab’s website.

How to Participate?

Sign up via