UBC Psychiatry, Mood Disorders Centre

Are you depressed? Seeking help? Enrol in this UBC Psychiatry study!

CAN-BIND Study Description:
The purpose of our study is to learn about ‘biomarkers’ (biological features such as proteins, genes, and brain images that indicate the state of a disease in a person), and how they can help predict treatment outcomes in patients with clinical depression. This study involves standard treatment for depression. Patients will be treated by a psychiatrist for 16 weeks with an antidepressant medication approved to treat depression. No placebos are being used.

The study will involve a total of 8 in-person visits over 16 weeks which will include clinical assessments done by a psychiatrist and questionnaires completed by you.

Throughout the visits, the study will involve:

  • 5 x Collection of blood (Baseline, Week 2, 8, 10, 16)
  • 4 x Stool Sample Collection (Baseline, Week 2, 8, 16)
  • 2 x Urine Collection (Baseline, Week 16)
  • 2 x Brain scans (Baseline, Week 8)
  • 3 x EEG (Baseline, Week 2, 8)
  • 1 x ECG (Week 1)
  • 2 clinical assessments done by a psychiatrist over the phone (Week 6, 14)

You may be eligible for our study if you:

  • Are between 18-60 years of age.
  • Have been diagnosed with depression or suspect you may have depression, and are currently feeling depressed. Common symptoms include: depressed mood, diminished interest or pleasure in activities, change in appetite, poor sleep, fatigue, low self-esteem, and poor concentration.
  • Are willing to take a standard antidepressant medication as treatment for your depression.
  • Are willing to undergo blood/lab tests and brain scans.

Please note that you must not currently be using any recreational and/or non-prescription drugs, have a drinking problem, or have had a history of drug use or a drinking problem within the past six months.

The study is being conducted by Dr. Raymond Lam at the Mood Disorders Centre, UBC Hospital.

For more information about this study and how to enroll, please call 604.822.7804.