UBC Infant Sleep Study

Image by fujikama from Pixabay

Do you have a 6-18 month-old infant? Help our researchers find new methods to improve infant sleep by participating in a study with your child!

Take part in research!

The UBC Social Health Lab is recruiting mothers and their 6-18 month-old infants for a study examining mothers’ and infants’ sleep rhythms and emotional health.

Getting enough sleep is important to keep both parents and their babies healthy. Because of this, it is important to deliver empirically-backed strategies for effective infant sleep to families. At the UBC Social Health Lab, we are interested in investigating new methods for improving infant sleep—and communicating this information to the community.

Participating families will receive a $100 honorarium!


Mothers and their 6-18 month-old infants. In order to accurately assess sleep quality, infants must sleep without interruption (e.g. no parental rocking or holding) for at least 6 hours per night.

What’s involved

  • The study will span 3-4 weeks, including three short virtual meetings with a research assistant from the UBC Social Health Lab at a location convenient to you.
  • You will complete short daily surveys about your mood and your child’s mood and sleep.
  • For 21 days, you will record your child’s sleep using a Actigraph sleep monitor secured to their leg. This machine will measure your child’s movements during the night and provide us with information about how well your child is sleeping.
  • At the end of the study, you will be provided detailed feedback on your child’s sleep patterns, and whether your child benefitted from our new sleep method.

For more information, visit the study website or email infantsleepstudy@psych.ubc.ca