Tracking Health and Relationships In Varying Everyday contexts (THRIVE) Study

How can we engage in meaningful activities and remain socially connectedin times of social distancing? Share your experiences to help us better understand how people can thrive in uncertain times.

The THRIVE Study seeks to better understand how Canadians can maintain their wellbeing and social connectedness in times of social distancing. We recognize that these are extraordinary circumstances that require all of us to flexibly adapt. We are particularly interested in what distinguishes good days from less good days, to figure out what helps people thrive in uncertain times.

Participation includes a 45 to 90-minute online questionnaire asking questions about individual backgrounds, personality, social relationships, attitudes, and wellbeing. Then, for ten days, participants are asked to complete two brief surveys per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. These brief surveys capture participants’ unique contexts, their thoughts and outlook on the day, challenges that need to be addressed, social interactions and experienced wellbeing.

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Primary Investigator

Dr. Christiane Hoppmann
Professor of Psychology and Canada Research Chair in Health and Adult Development
Director,  Health and Adult Development Lab

The Health and Adult Development Lab
The Health and Adult Development Lab is a health psychology laboratory located at the University of British Columbia. We conduct research that examines how social relationships and motivational processes shape well-being and health across the adult lifespan. We also look at how long-term changes in health influence and are influenced by close others such as spouses.