Tilt Experiment

If you are above 18, have no history of neurological damage, are right-hand dominant, and have corrected or corrected-to-normal vision, participate in an in-person study!

New research!

UBC Vision Lab invites you to participate in the Tilt Experiment.

The study is designed to investigate the neural architecture of the visual system.

Study Procedure:

  • You will be asked to make judgments about different objects in some conditions, and asked to reach out and pick them up in others.
  • Meanwhile, the lab will record your hand movements in a virtual reality setup.

Study Duration:

  •  2 hours


Participants must be

  • 18 years of age or older
  • No history of neurological damage
  • Right-hand dominant,
  • Corrected or corrected-to-normal vision.


  • In lab

What will you get?

Receive $25 monetary compensation for your participation.

How to participate:

If interested, please contact Hasan at hasan822@student.ubc.ca