Life Story Development Among Children

Credits: Howcast – YouTube

UBC Gestures and Language Development Lab (GLAD Lab) is recruiting children aged 6-7 years old to participate in a fun and interactive online research study!

Participate in a new study!

The Life Story Development Among Children Study is designed to look at how children tell stories about themselves.

Study Description:

The study will take place virtually through Zoom video conferencing and your child’s participation would involve three activities that would be videotaped.

  • In the first activity, children would be asked to tell a story about their life and a story about a character’s life.
  • In the second activity, children would see a series of pictures and would talk about an event from their life related to each of the pictures.
  • In the third activity, children would list 5-7 of the most important events in their lives and the most important events in the life of a character.

Study Duration:

  • 20-30 minutes


Participants must be

  • 6-7-year-old children
  • Have access to a computer, smartphone, etc. with an internet connection


  • Online

What will you get?

To thank you and your child for participation, the lab will email a $10 gift certificate to one of the following choices (Dairy Queen, Walmart, or Toys ”R” us).

How to participate:

Sign up: