Anxiety Stress and Autism Program (ASAP)

We are currently recruiting for a study exploring stressful childhood experiences and how best to ask about those experiences in research.

What is our goal? 
To determine if a new measure of stressful life events is easy to use and captures the experiences of teens and young adults with and without autism.

Who can participate?
Teens and young adults (ages 14-22 years) with and without autism and their parents.

What is involved?
Participants will complete an online measure and then a feedback interview 2 weeks later at our lab. The survey will ask about past stressful experiences and if they still bother you or your child. We will also ask some questions about your or your child’s current feelings and behaviors. Participants with autism will be asked to complete an interview and observation about social interaction.

Families receive $50 for their time and contribution.

Please click here to request a call to learn more about the study if you are interested in participating!