Allies in Health Study

Are you 18+? Do you have a social tie who is 60+? Our Health and Adult Development Lab invites you to take part in research!

Participate in a new study!

Study Description:

The primary purpose of the Allies in Health study is to consider how social support plays a role in the everyday life of older adults including the impact on their health behaviours and goals set together with a study partner.


  • People aged 60 or older who live in BC plus a study partner (above the age of 18). This study partner could be a spouse, a friend, an adult child, or another social tie.

Study Procedure:

  • You will be asked to approach a person you feel close to, who you interact with on a regular basis, who cares about your health, who lives close by, and who you can turn to for support.
  • Schedule two virtual appointment or online conference call on Zoom with our research assistants (one to start and the other to end).
  • Complete 90-150 minute self-paced online survey.
  • Complete brief 5-20 minute morning and evening surveys for a period of ten days.
  • Complete a blood draw at a Lifelab of your choice.

In total, the study takes approximately 10 hours.

What will you get?

  • Each partner can choose to receive a gift card or receive a physical activity tracker.
  • A personalized health feedback letter is provided to each participant.

How to participate?

Please email or call the lab at (604) 822-3549 to sign up for the study.

For more information, visit the study website: