Reactions to Environmental Stress and Trauma Lab (REST Lab)

Interested in Political and Environmental Psychology? The Reactions to Environmental Stress and Trauma Lab (REST Lab) is looking for and welcoming Volunteer Research Assistants.

Dedicated to studying the positive reactions, such as resilience and coping, as well as negative aspects of environments and experiences that are generally considered to be stressful, the REST Lab in the Department of Psychology at UBC continues to do research in three major areas:

  1. Political Psychology: Ongoing projects are studying international confrontations around the world (the Middle East, Asia, Europe). We analyze the speeches and writings of major political figures to conduct leader assessment at a distance, using psychological markers to forecast important policy including whether the government will negotiate with rivals rather than going to war.
  2. Persecution and Genocide: This research stream consists primarily of studies of survivors, perpetrators, and bystanders during the Nazi Holocaust, the Armenian and Rwandan genocides, and Yugoslavian massacres, using autobiographical materials and questionnaires, interviews and narratives. Our interest is in how people coped with the severe stresses of their experiences, and the impact of these experiences on their subsequent life.
  3. Extreme Environments Studies: These studies look at resilience under the stress of long-duration assignments in extreme and unusual environments such as polar and space stations. The work involves research on astronauts and explorers.

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in:

  • Collecting materials for analysis
  • Entering and maintaining data
  • Using scoring manuals to analyze the content of selected materials
  • Working on projects of their own choosing in other areas of our research
  • Contributing ideas to developing new studies

Volunteers must:

  • Be enthusiastic about research
  • Be available 7 hours per week
  • Have at least 2 years of Psychology studies and/or experience
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be an independent and enthusiastic team member
  • Be able to take initiative, work independently


Send your resume and cover letter to:

Irina Della-Rossa or Brad Morrison

Email: | Phone: 604-822-6666