Professor David Klonsky receives 2017 UBC Killam Research Fellowship

Professor David Klonsky is the winner of a Killam Research Fellowship.

Dr. David Klonsky is among UBC researchers who have received 2017 Faculty Research Awards. The Killam Research Fellowships support exceptional scholars in pursuing full-time research during a recognized study leave.

Dr. Klonsky, a professor in the Department of Psychology, focuses on understanding and preventing suicide and self-harm. This fellowship allows him to continue his work to advance and disseminate his Three-Step Theory (3ST), a new model of suicide that is evidence-based, easy to understand, and positioned within the ideation-to-action framework.

“I’m excited and eager to begin this important work,” says Klonsky, a clinical psychologist. “Suicide is the ninth leading cause of death in Canada and the second leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults–ahead of cancer, heart disease, automobile accidents, and homicide. New knowledge is urgently needed to help those at risk and to save lives. This fellowship enables me to advance my research through international collaborations and to disseminate my model widely.”

Klonksy plans to spend his sabbatical at Yale University hosted by Dr. Jutta Joormann. “Central to my theory of suicide are the roles of emotion and cognition. Dr. Joormann is world-renowned for her research on emotion and cognition in psychiatric disorders related to suicide, such as depression,” says Klonsky.

David Klonsky is director of the Personality, Emotion, and Behaviour Lab (PEBL). Follow him on Twitter at @KlonskyLab.