Research interests:
Latent variable modeling, especially structural equation modeling (SEM). Development of new statistical methods to handle incomplete data, nonnormal data, and categorical data.

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Winter 2018

PSYC217 Research Methods Sections

Focus on various research methods used in psychology, with an emphasis on critical thinking and experimental design. Restricted to students in the Faculty of Arts who have declared their major in one of Psychology, Cognitive Systems, or Speech Sciences (Linguistics Department).

Winter 2018

PSYC546I Seminar in Psychological Problems - STAT TOOLS Sections

Winter 2018

PSYC546H Seminar in Psychological Problems - MEASRMNT IN PSYC Sections

Winter 2018

PSYC303 Tests and Measurements Sections

Theory and practice of psychological measurement, statistical models for items and tests, assessment of test reliability and validity, factor analysis, scoring.

Winter 2018

PSYC546Y Seminar in Psychological Problems - STRUCT EQ MODEL Sections