Martin_Thumb_WebTara Martin Director, Administration
Tara leads the operational activities for the department. This includes finance, building operations and human resources. She ensures the department is aware of and follows the appropriate policies and procedures at UBC.
Contact Tara: 604-822-3249 | taramm[at]
ubc_20160915_8881Lawron Leung Executive Coordinator
Lawron assists the Department Head with the human resources and administration of his office. This includes appointments and tenure of faculty, appointments of Post-doctoral Fellows and other student research assistants, hourly payroll, sabbatical leaves, annual reports, and faculty recruitment.
Contact Lawron: 604-822-3244 | lawron[at]
ThumbfillerPinky Cheng Reception, Operations and Payroll
Pinky provides support at our main office by welcoming people who visit the department. She coordinates front-desk activities, including distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls. She also assists with operations, payroll, and student support.
Contact Pinky: 604-822-2755 | reception[at]


QUESTIONS about expense and travel reimbursements? Email: finance[at]

Farrah_Thumb_WebFarrah Bhanwadia Associate Director, Research Finance and Admin
Farrah is responsible for the planning and management of the Department's financial operations relating to research grants. She also manages all accounts payable and receivable functions. She provides guidance on granting agency policies, resolving grant deficits, UBC financial procedures and the eligibility of expenses.
Contact Farrah: 604-822-4916 | farrah[at]
Frankian_Thumb_WebVirginia Frankian Financial Processing Specialist
Virginia handles financial transactions relating to most research grants. She reviews and enters reimbursement claims submitted by faculty, staff, students and outside vendors or visitors. She works closely with our Associate Director, Research Finance and Admin to gather all information needed to process each claim, and assists faculty, staff and others to navigate UBC, department and agency financial policies.
Contact Virginia: 604-822-2910 | virginia[at]
ubc_20160915_8778Deborah Johnson Administrative Coordinator
Deborah provides financial and administrative support to Director of Administration and the Associate Director, Research Finance and Admin. She helps process financial transactions and provides back-up support in the Main Office when required.
Contact Deborah: 604-822-6547 | deborah[at]


ThumbfillerJennifer Janicki Associate Director, Undergraduate Program
Jennifer oversees the organization and operation of undergraduate advising, and advises current and prospective undergraduate students. She provides advice on issues such as transfer credit and degree requirements and assesses and authorizes student eligibility for registering in Psychology courses.
Contact Jennifer: 604-822-2892 | undergrad[at]
ubc_20160915_9186Lexie Bergen Student Information Support
Lexie provides support to the Undergraduate Program, responds to student emails and information requests, and supports scheduling, funding opportunities and teaching evaluations. Lexie also supports the Human Subject Pool program.
Contact Lexie: 604-822-3144 | undergrad[at]


Shaw_Thumb_WebJackie Shaw Graduate Program Assistant
Jackie assists the Graduate Program, handling the admissions process and issues relating to graduate student programs, including scheduling, scholarships nominations, registrations and grade submissions.
Contact Jackie: 604-822-5002 | gradsec[at]


Sochting_Thumb_WebIngrid Söchting Clinic Director | Instructor
Ingrid leads the operational activities of the UBC Psychology Clinic. This includes managing the Clinic, supervising psychological assessment and therapy services, liaising with community hospital and mental health agencies where our students get further clinical training, and organizing seminars and workshops led by professional psychologists.
Contact Ingrid: 604-822-1958 | isochting[at]
ThumbfillerHarvir Sandhu Clinic Program Assistant
Harvir provides support for clinical area faculty and the Clinic Director. In addition, she maintains the Clinic’s library and resource material, handles client records, collects fees, processes financial transactions for clinical faculty, and books clinical consulting and seminar rooms.
Contact Harvir: 604-822-3005 | clinic[at]

Information Technology

Smith_Thumb_WebMatt Smith IT Support Manager | Technical Analyst
Matt provides oversight of the UBC Psychology IT Helpdesk and ticket flow. He also provides technical website support as well as lab server & system administration and is responsible for supporting research and lab technologies.
Contact Matt: 604-827-3408 | matthew.smith[at]
Taylor_Thumb_WebPhil Taylor IT Helpdesk Support
Phil provides general and urgent deskside and remote support, and assistance on purchasing, setting-up and configuring new computer systems and software.
Contact Phil: phil[at]


Vock_Thumb_WebBonnie Vockeroth Communications Specialist
Bonnie manages the communications for the department. This includes the strategy and implementation of a variety of communications projects, including the department's website and social media channels, media relations, events, and digital signage.
Contact Bonnie: 604-822-6265 | bonniev[at]