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Faculty positions

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position
The Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Canada is accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position. Applicants can be either Canadian or non-Canadian citizens. The successful candidate will be employed to work primarily under the supervision of Dr. Sheila Woody in the Centre for Collaborative Research on […]

Research Assistant positions

Looking to work or volunteer in a lab? Below are UBC Psychology labs with open Research Assistant positions.

Social Cognitive Development Lab
The Social Cognitive Development Lab is currently looking for volunteers interested in research! At the Social Cognitive Development Lab, we explore how children establish preferences for and beliefs about other people. Through our research, we hope to understand how preferences for and stereotypes about people are acquired and change across development on both a conscious […]

Depression, Anxiety, & Stress Lab
Volunteer in our Lab! We are looking for volunteers to help us in the Depression, Anxiety, & Stress Lab in the Department of Psychology. If you are: A strong, dedicated, hardworking psychology (or related) student in 2nd year and up Planning on attending grad school Interested in learning more about the research process and obtaining […]

The Sexual Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab
Looking for Clinical Psychology research experience? The Sexual Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab is recruiting enthusiastic volunteer Research Assistants! The position will be a weekly commitment of 6-8 hours, and great for individuals who are interested in gaining clinical research experience. To apply, please e-mail your CV and unofficial transcript to

Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab
Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab is looking for volunteer research assistants who would like to be involved in child perfectionism studies. These projects are collaborative projects with a developmental psychology lab at UBC, and all our participants are children and their parents. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in both clinical psychology […]

Interpersonal Lab
The Interpersonal Lab is looking for volunteer research assistants who are interested in studying anxiety. Our current projects try to answer the following questions: In what ways do anxious people think differently from non-anxious people? What causes people to feel anxious and to avoid? How do anxious and non-anxious people make decisions? Do socially anxious […]

Interested in learning about how people’s goals and motivations interact with their beliefs and ideologies? Then join the Motivation And Goals In Context Lab! We are seeking enthusiastic and committed volunteers who can contribute 6-9 hours per week. Suitable candidates will also have taken PSYC 101, 102, and 217, with at least a B+ average. Please visit this page […]

Culture and Self Lab
The Culture and Self Lab is looking for curious and dedicated volunteer research assistants! If you are interested in cultural psychology, meaning maintenance, and genetic essentialism, we would love to meet you! Research assistants will have the responsibility of running experiments and managing data. A time commitment of 5-7 hours per week is expected. A […]

Emotion and Self Lab 
The Emotion and Self Lab is currently seeking undergraduate psychology majors who want to learn more about social-personality research to volunteer as research assistants, or do a Directed Studies in the lab. To learn more about current research projects you might get involved in, check out our Projects page. Research assistants and Directed Studies students participate in every aspect of our research, from […]

Centre for Cognitive Development
The Centre for Cognitive Development studies the origins of language and abstract thought in young children. We’re looking for volunteer Research Assistants who love working with kids!  You would recruit participants, test 2 – 10 year-old children in your assigned study, attend weekly lab meetings, and do background reading. We expect a commitment of 10h/week for […]

Visual Cognition Lab
Interested in getting into research? The UBC Visual Cognition Lab is looking for ‘Co-Pilots’ to join our projects. To be a co-pilot, you don’t need to have any background in research and you can help out whenever you want. Co-Pilots sign a contract with the lab that lasts for a school term, with the possibility for renewal. Co-Pilots […]