Payment to a non-UBC Individual | Guidelines

Documentation required:

  • Expense claim form.
  • SIN number must be provided on the Incidental Income Form.
  • Justification and Details of Service provided: dates of service, explanation of the work completed, where the work was completed and how it relates to your research.
  • Completed and signed Incidental Income Form.
  • Completed (in excel) and signed Independent Contractor vs. Employee Checklist.
  • Where an employee relationship exists, contact the Department Administrator.
  • Invoice from the individual (if applicable).
  • All forms must be printed and signed. Only original signatures are accepted.

The Expense Claim Form, Incidental Income Form and Independent Contractor vs. Employee Checklist should be submitted to the Reimbursements mail slot in the mailroom in the Douglas T. Kenny Building.

If you have questions, please contact the UBC Psychology Finance Team:
Phone: 604-822-2910 | Email: finance[at]