Yeeun Lee named a UBC Public Scholar

Yeeun Lee

Despite the major toll social isolation increasingly takes on health, there are very few evidence based interventions and policies to address this challenge. Yeeun Lee works with groups to develop, test, and disseminate online interventions to enhance social engagement in BC, and turn the resources developed over to the communities to help their residents.

Yeeun Lee, a PhD student in UBC’s health psychology program, was recently named a UBC Public Scholar. UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies established the Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) to support UBC doctoral students who wish to make purposeful contributions to the public good through collaborative, action-oriented, and/or creative forms of scholarship in their dissertation work.

“I am excited to be part of this year’s PSI cohort! The PSI is a community for scholars who pursue the social value of research. Belonging to the PSI network reminds me that I have a responsibility for my research to make tangible impact in our society. I view my research as a scholarly action to combat the growing epidemic of social isolation and loneliness, an urgent public health crisis.”
PhD Student, UBC Psychology

Before joining UBC, Yeeun completed her MA in Clinical Psychology at Korea University. Broadly, her research aim is to gain deeper insights into the ways people pursue positive life outcomes through prosociality and social connection. She is particularly passionate about intervention science–how to translate scientific findings into evidence-based solutions to societal problems including loneliness and social disintegration.

Yeeun is a member of the Social Health Lab, led by UBC Psychology Associate Professor Dr. Frances Chen. Dr. Chen’s research explores the intersection of social psychology and health psychology, linking our social lives, mental health and physical health.

“For as long as I have known her, Yeeun has been passionate about conducting rigorous research that addresses urgent social and public health issues. I’m absolutely thrilled that PSI is supporting her impactful work to combat social isolation and increase social engagement in our local communities.”
Associate Professor, UBC Psychology

Yeeun joined UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for a Q&A on her research, why she is pursuing a graduate degree at UBC, and how her work contributes to the greater public good.

Join us in congratulating Yeeun!