UBC Psychology professors receive SSHRC funding to support their research

A total of 49 UBC researchers were awarded $6.6m through the SSHRC Insight Grants program, including psychology researchers Dr. Jeremy Biesanz and Dr. Mark Schaller.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC) Insight Grants support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities.

Associate Professor Jeremy Biesanz received $96,500 for his research project “Towards understanding the good target.” Biesanz, who specializes in quantitative methods and personality psychology, will use this grant to assess the characteristics and processes associated with being a good target across diverse domains of personality and diverse contexts of information.

Awarded a $134,603 grant for his research project “Person Perception in Context”, Professor Mark Schaller will use this funding to address questions about cognitive processes through which people form impressions and make judgements about others. He hopes his program of research provide a deeper understanding of psychological processes that have important implications for real-life social interaction and decision-making.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Jeremy Biesanz and Dr. Mark Schaller on this investment in their research!