Social Cognitive Development Lab

The Social Cognitive Development Lab is currently looking for volunteers interested in research! At the Social Cognitive Development Lab, we explore how children establish preferences for and beliefs about other people. Through our research, we hope to understand how preferences for and stereotypes about people are acquired and change across development on both a conscious and an unconscious level of processing. We will be starting a new project in January 2018, and are currently looking for volunteers able to commit 8 hours per week, preferably with a commitment for the next year. Volunteers may be helping at the on-campus lab, at Science World, or both.
Ideal candidates will have a keen interest in research with infants and children, related or relevant experiences with children, infants and/or research, and an average grade of 80% or above.
If you are interested, please email with a CV, unofficial transcript, and complete the following application form:

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