Pets of UBC Psych: Rupert

Meet Rupert, a.k.a Rupey Poopy. This 11-years-old West Highland White Terrier is undergraduate student Kaitlyn Stewart’s adorable puppy and our newest #PetsofUBCPsych family member.

A little fun fact about Rupert is that he absolutely loves cheese! Nothing gets his attention quite like the words cheese. He loves it so much in fact that we can’t even say the word cheese in passing convo without his head peeking up and tail wagging!

Rupert has one brother named Oscar and one sister named Molly, all of them blessed with rather geriatric names, at least in Kaitlyn’s opinion. However, don’t be fooled! Rupert may be 11-years-old and recently diagnosed with arthritis, he is still full of energy.

Kaitlyn shares that Rupert occasionally likes to be carried up and down the stairs, and for a while, she thought it was out of pain but realized quite quickly how motivated he was to run up and down the stairs as long as I was carrying a plate of food!