Pets of UBC Psych: Padfoot

Meet Padfoot, aka Nugget or Nuggy, undergraduate student Samantha Maki’s adorable mini Australian Shepherd puppy. We are ecstatic to have the handsome boy with one blue and one brown eye join the #PetsofUBCPsych family

At just 4 months old, Padfoot has already learned about all the good things in the life of a dog. Nugget loves belly scratches and treats. He likes any toy that squeaks. He will do whatever it takes to get food. He’s obsessed with his older dog brother and gets in some good tackles now and then.

Padfoot has also learned as a puppy that brooms are his nemesis. If he could spend his entire day chasing the broom, he would. Nothing will stop him from bringing down the broom. If the broom comes out he wakes up right away, even if he is incredibly tired. And when the broom is out, he will run through walls, or at least try to, to get it.

Unfortunately for Padfoot, running into walls doesn’t only happen when he is chasing the broom. According to Samantha, he is the clumsiest puppy and cannot seem to walk around without walking into at least 2 items each time.