Pets of UBC Psych: Mahpeeshee

Meet Mahpeeshee, a Persian Cat belonging to Saba Moayed, an alumnus of UBC Psychology. Hailing from Iran, he was just a kitten when Saba received him as a gift from her sister.

Mahpeeshee is a relatively shy cat with new guests, however he is always talking (or meowing) his way to get a little bit more food.

This is Mahpeeshee’s favourite seating position.

Per the photo, when Mahpeeshee is very content he lays down tummy up or sits like this to look outside. He is mostly an indoor cat, however he does like to come out to the garden if Saba is also outside with him.

Saba reveals that his name, Mahpeeshee (ماهپیشی) means “moon kitty,” but it can also translate to “beautiful kitty.” And, we have to agree that he is quite the beautiful kitty!