Pets of UBC Psych: Cooper

Coming in at 100lbs, Cooper, a mix of Swiss Mountain, Labrador, and others, belongs to human Fides Arguelles, an undergraduate student in the department of psychology.

Cooper also goes by “Coop,” Coops,” or “Good Boy.”

Growing up with small dogs has changed the ways in which he interacts with dogs in general. Fides calls it his “small dog complex.” He gets scared by dogs that are larger than his dog friends even when he himself is bigger. He tends to be more comfortable playing with smaller dogs, and even tries to go into the spaces only smaller dogs can fit into.

Cooper is a big fan of belly rubs and his favourite snack is ice!

Fides is very proud of the good boy Cooper has become as there was a moment he stood up and diffused a precarious situation at the dog park: “A really aggressive dog was barking and trying to bite all the smaller dogs at the park. Cooper, being scared of the the bigger dog as well, went to the other side of the park and backed out of the situation. Though, after some time, something in Cooper just snapped. He had enough of this dog bullying the others. So he walked up to that dog, snout-to-snout, finally using his size to intimidate that dog. And he just let out a singular bark. Just one, loud bark. Coop then walked away to play with the other dogs, but this dog suddenly became all silent and went to another corner and just lied down there.”