Pets of UBC Psych: Coco

From L-R: Coco sitting like a good girl, Coco enjoying the sun on her patio, Coco snuggling with her human, and Coco sleeping like a donut.

Coco the Chocolate Lab might be 12-years-old but don’t let that fool you! She has a lot of energy and still takes her human and UBC Alumni Miriam Gibb on a walk.

“Coco always wants to play with the house cat Sophie. In typical cat fashion, Sophie would rather have nothing to do with her and remind her with a small pat on Coco's nose. However, Coco will never learn!”
UBC Alumni

Coco – also lovingly known as Coca Bella – will patiently wait for her food for close to an hour by waiting next to her food bowl. Coco is the best customer at a restaurant – ready to patiently wait for however long it takes.

From L-R: Sophie with her human, Sophie posing like a model cat, Coco playing in the snow, Sophie and Coco playing