Pets of UBC Psych: Cash

Cash doing his favourite job with his human – jumping.

Cash, also addressed as “Cash-man”, “Cashums”, “Cashew” or “Mr. Cash”, is a 20 year old Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse/Draft mix belonging to Bri Glazier, a fifth year Ph.D. student in Clinical  Psychology. Living in a paddock in Southlands, Cash is able to choose between being inside or outside whenever he wants – and is known to absolutely love the rain. When it is raining, he stands with his head poking outside so that he’d get soaking wet, but even more than the rain he loves having his human towel dry his ears for him!

Like us, Cash enjoys a wide variety of treats, including carrots, apples, dried baguettes, popsicles, and “Stud Muffins”, but his very favourite treats are mints. These mints are known to him as “crinklies”, and you can clearly see his face light up as soon as he hears you unwrapping the plastic.

Cash posing for the camera at home this past fall.

Cash likes to spend his spare time running around his paddock with his girlfriend Flicka (for real) – going for long walks to the beach and visiting the local coffee shop. Bri recounts one trip to Wesbrook Village Blenz Coffee Shop last summer:

“Cash was completely unfazed by the cars, construction, and weekend shoppers as long as his human was with him. When he had to wait outside with his friend Alfie while Bri ordered drinks, however, he was very nervous. As soon as she came back, Cash forgot his fears again and became more interested in whether the coffee order included any treats for him. The trip was probably also memorable for the stunned barista who saw the two horses outside and asked whether or not they had names!”

Cash and his friend Alfie getting coffee at UBC.

However, one unusual quirk about Cash is that he seems to have developed an odd reaction to… warm water? Warm water causes Cash to sneeze repeatedly. Whereas most horses enjoy having the metal bit that goes in their mouth warmed up for them in cold winter weather, Cash will sneeze and sneeze until you take the bit out and make it icy cold again!