Dr. Kiley Hamlin’s research featured in Babies, a new Netflix docuseries.

Netflix takes a journey into the minds of infants.

From nature to nurture, Babies explores the groundbreaking science that reveals how infants discover life during their very first year.

UBC’s Centre for Infant Cognition is featured in Babies, a new Netflix docuseries that takes viewers through the journey of babies’ first year. The series follows 15 international families and explores everything about babies, including major milestones of development and the science behind what’s going on in their baby brains.

Dr. Kiley Hamlin’s developmental research and her personal journey of discovery is featured in the episode, Relationships, which will be released this summer. In the meantime, if you’ve ever wondered about the science behind a baby’s first breath, first crawl, or first steps, watch the first six episodes of Babies—now streaming on Netflix!

“This series showcases incredible, groundbreaking science revealing the developmental leaps and bounds babies go through in the first year of life while capturing the personal and emotional journey of the family as a whole.”
Executive Producer of Babies

Led by Dr. Kiley Hamlin, Canada Research Chair in Developmental Psychology, UBC’s Centre for Infant Cognition studies the development of moral and social behaviours in babies. With baby participants, the researchers use puppet shows, videos, and interactive games to explore infants’ responses to social interactions and learn what they’re thinking about.

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