Maclean’s 2018 Canadian program rankings: UBC Psychology named 1st for 3rd year in a row

Researchers at the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC. Photo: Della Rollins

The Department of Psychology ranks first in Maclean’s 2018 rankings for the best 20 psychology programs in Canada. This is the third year Maclean’s magazine has released annual program rankings and the third year UBC Psychology ranks first.

Maclean’s annual program rankings evaluates ten program areas based on reputation, research, publications and citations. In their psychology list, UBC Psychology placed first in overall program reputation and research reputation, followed by UofT and McGill’s psychology programs.

Psychology is the most popular undergraduate degree at UBC, with over 1,900 BA psychology majors and over 140 students pursuing their BSc degree. Maclean’s research on the best institutions to study at by program area used data from Elsevier, an academic publishing company and reputational surveys from professors Canada-wide.

Learn more about Maclean’s ranking methodology.


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