Dr. Jiaying Zhao ‘Sorting it Out’ at a UBC sorting station.

UBC is committed to the deep integration of sustainability in our operational and academic efforts. This commitment is also upheld by the Department of Psychology. The UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) fosters partnerships and collaborations that extend beyond traditional boundaries of disciplines, sectors and geographies to address the critical issues of our time. Visit UBC Sustainability for more information.

UBC Psychology Recycle and Re-use Initiatives

Battery and Toner Cartridge Recycling
Non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries, used laser toner printer cartridges can be dropped off at the Photocopier and Mail Room (Kenny 2506) in the designated boxes/locations. Acceptable types are consumer electronic alkaline batteries AA, AAA, C, D, 9V types, lithium and rechargeable batteries for mobile phones/devices, laptops, cordless tools, and cameras. Black and colour toner cartridges are accepted too.

E-Waste Recycling
The UBC Psychology IT Helpdesk accepts e-waste (phones, computers and monitors, electronic equipment etc.). Please contact the Psychology IT Helpdesk to arrange for a pickup/drop-off. The drop-off location is Room 2303 (stores). Anyone within the Psychology department (staff, faculty, and students) may drop off their personal electronic waste, in small quantities. Please remove any batteries before dropping off any e-waste. For information on the procedures for battery recycling on campus and the drop-off location map see the UBC Battery Recycling Program. More information on UBC’s e-waste program.

Light Bulb Recycling
There is a recycling container for light bulb in the department’s mail room (Kenny room 2506). Incandescent, halogen, CFL (compact fluorescent light), and fluorescent light bulbs and tubes are accepted.

Sort It Out
You can make a difference and create a green, zero waste campus by using the recycling stations in the Kenny Building to sort your food scraps and recyclables into the proper bins (and out of the garbage). Follow this Sort It Out guide to get your waste into the right bins and to avoid contamination.

Soft Plastics Recycling
There is a recycling container set up for soft plastics in the department’s mail room (Kenny room 2506). The department accepts soft plastics such as clean plastic bags, plastic mailers, plastic covers on journals/magazines, plastic air pillows and packaging, bags for potato chips and candy, zipper lock bags/pouches, cellophane for flowers and gift baskets and padded protective plastic like plastic shipping envelopes, plastic air packets, and bubble wrap.

Styrofoam Reduction and Recycling
UBC Psychology collects styrofoam for recycling. To arrange collection of your styrofoam contact the Psychology IT Helpdesk. Styrofoam boxes and some of the styrofoam blocks in electronics shipments are acceptable but currently only when shipped specifically to UBC (no personal items yet). Styrofoam must be clean and dry with stickers and labels removed. See the list of styrofoam items that are accepted.

UBC Psychology Sustainability Coordinators

Contact the department’s Sustainability Coordinators if you have any questions or ideas about how to be more sustainable:
Lawron Leung: lawron[at]
Katherine Moore: katherine.moore[at]
Bonnie Vockeroth: bonniev[at]

Sort it Out

UBC Recycle and Re-use Initiatives

UBC has a closed-loop composting system, which turns food and plant waste into compost used for landscaping right here on campus. Keep our composts clean by keeping plastic out! When too much plastic is in with food scraps the composting system is unable to process the waste and it is sent to the landfill. Learn more about composting on campus.

Green Labs
The Green Labs Program offers sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of research-related activities at UBC.

Reuse-it! UBC
Reuse-it! UBC is sponsored by UBC Supply Management and the Sustainability Office. This program is designed to assist UBC employees at the Point Grey campus find and exchange low-value items between departments (e.g. furniture, audio-visual equipment, office supplies, etc.). Registered members can post both wanted and available listings. This could be particularly helpful to incoming/outgoing grads and faculty needing low or no cost office /lab items or a means of clearing out items for re-use.

UBC’s Recyclopedia is a  complete listing of all items recycled on UBC’s Vancouver campus.

Water Refill Stations
UBC currently has 20+ WaterFillz stations on its campus, including two in the SUB and one each in the MacMillan, West Mall Swing Space, Sing Tao, Fred Kaiser and Engineering buildings. Simply bring your reusable water bottle to refill and refresh.

Learn more about the other UBC Sustainability campus initiatives.