Basic Web Hosting

If the UBC CMS does not suit your lab’s website needs, you may apply for basic web hosting using the IT Account Request Form. Psychology IT can then provide you with an FTP account on UBC’s Shared Web Hosting service. Please note that web hosting is only available for labs, personal web pages can then be hosted our your lab’s web space.

Once a site has been provisioned for you, you will receive a letter with a username and password in your Kenny mail room inbox. Below are the instructions for connecting:

Establishing an FTP Connection Using FileZilla:
You can use any FTP client to connect to your hosting account. This document describes connecting using FileZilla, but other clients will work as well with the same instructions:
  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Click File
  3. Click Site Manager
  4. Click New Site
  5. Enter a name for this site
  6. Fill in the fields as follows:
  7. Click Connect
  8. Once connected, you can upload/download files to/from your computer