Teaching and Learning Technologies Support

Psychology IT’s mandate is to provide technology support and service for administration and research. While we’re always available to field questions, any request involving instructional or teaching and learning technologies will be directed to the appropriate unit whose mandate is to provide you with this support.

UBC Learning Technology Hub: UBC centrally provides a hub for learning technology support. The goal of the LT Hub is to resolve issues more quickly and conveniently by having a central service where IT offers technical support and CTLT offers complementary functional/pedagogical support.

Arts ISIT (the IS stands for instructional support) directly provide assistance with any classroom and learning tech for faculty and teaching staff within the Faculty of Arts.

Centre for Teaching and Learning Technologies: These folks are the service providers for teaching and learning technologies across campus. Many of the services offered by both the UBC Learning Technology Hub and Arts ISIT are provided by CTLT. They offer training and a plethora of information on their website.