The Psychology department has a license for Inquisit 5 Lab. Inquisit is powerful software for delivering stimuli and data collection. It is designed for use in research labs and integrates with a variety of other third party research software and hardware. It can send and receive signals through serial and parallel ports for synchronization with EEG, fMRI, MEG, Eye Trackers, and more. It does not require a network connection to run making it ideal for field studies as well.


A full list of its features can be found here: <>


This license is for installation on UBC Psychology owned computers only and does not apply to Inquisit Web. If you would like to install Inquisit for your lab please follow the following instructions. This applies even if you have installed Inquisit before, the process for our new license is different so please follow the below steps carefully to download and install the software.


1. Download the software from the vendor’s website here: <>
Please note that this license is for Inquisit 5 Lab only.


2. Once the software is installed and a registration window appears, copy down the computer key. Leave the registration window open. Do not press “Get Registration Key”.
Alternatively, if you activate the trial version you can re-open the registration window by going to Help>Registration within the program.


3. Fill out the Software Request Form and include the computer key in the specified section of the form.


4. The helpdesk will soon reply with a registration key that you may use to license the software.


If you run into any problems please send an email to


Happy computing!