Software Recommendations and Purchasing

Note: For department members only. Others please contact UBC IT at WWW.IT.UBC.CA.

As a Psychology Department member you have access to various software packages, either for free or at a reduced rate. You may already have access to a licence for a piece of software and don’t even know it. Please consult us via email or a visit to our office before purchasing any software. Below is a brief list of commonly requested software and information about it.

Please read carefully as many of the licenses available are for UBC-owned computers only. Personal laptops (that were not purchased with startup or grant funding) are not included in this scope.

Data Collection Tools

Although software packages like office and adobe are more widely used in the department, we place this section at the top as these tools are most specific to psychology research. In addition to the tools and services offered by Westgrid, the university, faculty, and department offer various tools that are useful for data collection. If you are looking for statistical software like Matlab, scroll below to the appropriate section.

  • Inquisit – Our department has a license for Inquisit Lab 5. Please follow the instructions found on the linked page.
  • Qualtrics – Arts ISIT maintain a faculty license for Qualtrics, hosted in Canada. The S/P area purchases an add-on for offline data collection. Please submit a request to helpdesk[at] if you would like to enable the offline app addon.
  • UBC Survey Tool – UBC maintains a survey tool that is also hosted in Canada. Most folks prefer Qualtrics, but the survey tool is more user friendly and could be useful for simpler measures.


For UBC-owned computers (PC or Mac), the following Adobe products are available at no cost (via a UBC site-license):

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop and Illustrator)*

*Note that Creative Cloud is time consuming for us to install. As such, there must be a research-related purpose for which you intend to use the software. Rationale must be provided along with the request.

Please fill out this form to request the software.

For personally owned computers, the most affordable way to license Adobe Products is through the UBC bookstore where you will get an educational discount.


Psychology IT recommends and supports the following free anti-virus software.

Windows | Mac – Sophos Antivirus (Free UBC License)

Citation & Reference Managers

Not sure which Citation Manager is right for you? Take a look at the following features, and choose a workshop to attend. Remember, you can always come to more than one! Check out the UBC Library for additional information on their recommendations, training, and workshops:


As university policy, we are to mitigate the privacy breaches due to loss or theft. All mobile computers whether personal or university-owned must be encrypted using full disk encryption.



All UBC owned computers (PC or Mac) are entitled to the latest version of Microsoft Office (including Visio and Project if needed) through the UBC Microsoft Campus Agreement.

UBC student license for Office 365

Active UBC students with personally owned systems are entitled to access Office 365 for free through UBC IT. The software is valid for one year and can be installed on up to five devices.

Home Use Program

UBC employees with personally owned systems are entitled to access the inexpensive Microsoft Home Use Program. If you are assigned a computer to do your work at UBC, and that computer is owned by UBC, you can purchase a Microsoft Office license for home use online directly from Microsoft (approximate cost between $10 – $40 USD). This permits you to run Microsoft Office on a personally owned machine (PC or Mac). For information on how to get Microsoft Office via the Home Use Program, please contact us.

If you purchase Microsoft Office under the Home Use program, you must uninstall and discontinue use of Microsoft Office from your personally-owned computer when you leave employment of UBC or if the Campus Agreement ends.

The Home Use Program does not apply to any other software except Microsoft Office.


All UBC owned computers with an existing license for Microsoft Windows (any version) are entitled to an upgrade to the latest version through the UBC Microsoft Campus Agreement. If you wish to upgrade please contact us and we can coordinate a time to do so. Note: upgrading Windows is a non-trivial procedure and can take up to a couple of days to do so. All of your programs will need to be reinstalled and configured.

For personally owned computers there is available for free an upgrade to Windows 10 Education through the UBC Faculty of Science Microsoft Web Store. You will need to do the upgrade yourself. We can only offer very minimal support for personal systems.

Mathematical And Statistical Software

UBC IT offers a variety of free and discounted mathematical and statistical software products. Prices and eligibility vary. Click here for a complete list of software available.

  • MatLab (Free – UBC Campus License). See the attached link for student installation info. Faculty and labs may fill out this form to request the software.
  • SPSS (Free for UBC-owned computers). Please fill out this form to request the software. Students can purchase SPSS for their personal computers through OnTheHub.
  • SAS (Free for UBC-owned computers). Please fill out this form to request the software.
  • Maple (Free for UBC-owned computers). Please fill out this form to request the software.

Other Free Recommended Utilities

Psychology IT Support recommends and supports the following free and open source software packages for your computer systems. Many of these packages compete directly with expensive commercial software packages. Please make sure to check the software requirements as you may be running an incompatible operating system version. Contact us if you have any questions or do not feel comfortable installing them yourself.

Password Management

Due to the growing list of passwords, password complexity, and aging password requirements it has become a daunting task to remember them all. We strongly recommend you use invest some time in using password management software to help ease the burden.

  • Windows & MacOSX – LastPass (Free & Premium)
  • Windows – KeePass (Open Source & Free)


Ninite is a service that enables you to download a small program that will quickly and without interaction download and update all of our recommended windows utilities. This is by far the best way to install and update a large amount of useful utilities. Please visit the Ninite website for more information.

Click here to download our customized Ninite windows utility easy installer.