Scantron Instructions


Scantron iNSIGHT™ 4ES Operation Guide

  1. Turn on the scanner by pressing the on button and waiting a few seconds for text to appear on the screen.
  1. Double-click on “ScanTools Plus” to launch the OMR scanning application software.


  1. Select your answer sheet type through the “Application” drop-down menu. E.g., “001 – 15195 – UBC Psychology Answer Sheet” in this case.omrg2
  2. Click the arrow next to the drop-down field for the “Data File” field and select <New>. Then click on the Create button. Enter the name you would like to give your data file. We strongly recommend using the course code and date. E.g. PSYC-001-001-MWF-Barnes-SEPT27-2016.
  1. Under Conversion Profile, ensure that “CSV Export” is selected.
  1. Change your focus to the physical Scantron machine. Load the Scantron sheets to be marked on the loader. Adjust the sheet level indicator to be snug with the pages, but not too tight. Push down on the “Press To Load” button.
  1. Move your focus back to the software. Press the Scan button in the top-right.omrg3
  1. The scanner will start scanning your pages. Once finished, clicking “yes” to any dialogue boxes that may appear.
  1. Once it’s done scanning, press the “Stop Scanning” button.omrg4
  2. You may now exit the program, and find the CSV file with the results in the “Results” folder on the Desktop. It will be under the name you created in Step 4. Then use this guide to grade.


Useful Tips: Errors during scanning:

  1. When there are messages “ Input hopper empty… Scanner not ready” in the Scanner Error(s) box, it means that there are no answer sheets in the input tray. Please put additional answer sheets on the input tray and click “Resume Scanning” to continue.
  1. If no more scanning is needed, please click “Stop Scanning’ to finish.