Scantron Grading

These instructions are for grading Scantron sheets that were scanned in using the iNSIGHT™ 4ES.

  1. Download the grading Excel sheet: 001-15195-grading_template_oct1_2016 – Note that there are 2 pages, once for entering the results provided by ScanTools(ScantronData), and another that shows the results (Score). Once downloaded, we recommend not saving over it, as the sheet relies on correct formatting for the formulas to work.
  2. Row 2 of the ScantronData sheet, starting at column I, will contain your answer key. Replace the current contents with you answer key, starting with Question 1. If you don’t have an answer key in excel format, you can fill out a Scantron sheet with the correct answers and scan it in to use as the answer key.GradingSS1
  3. Continue to follow the field indicators on the Excel sheet. When pasting the student names and responses from the ScanTools data file, be sure to only copy the fields that contain data. If you select and paste regions that have trailing blank fields it will break the scoring formula. Start pasting responses at Row 3, Column A, as per the below screenshots. a)
  4. The Score page will then show you a tally of the correct answers in the “Total Correct” column. You should copy/paste these results into a new excel sheet for your records. Divide by the amount of questions asked to produce the % scored.SS4