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Wireless Help

The ubcvisitor network is available to anyone but will not gain you access to on-site resources. Simply connect to the network, open your browser and attempt to browse. You will need to enter your email into a web form in order to gain access.

To connect to the ubcsecure wireless network see:

To connect to the eduroam network see:

Scantron Help

Scantron i NSIGHT™ 4ES  Instructions (new):

Scantron Instructions

Grade Scantron Sheets

Scantron ES-2010 Instructions:

Scantron Instructions

Grade Scantron Sheets

  • Please note that some users are currently reporting that the scoring is incorrect for the second page. Please be mindful of this and report any issues that you notice.

Email Help

FASMail Setup Instructions

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How to open troublesome PDF files