Servers, Backup and Storage

As department members, there are several options available for servers and storage, depending on your requirements. We encourage you to start by evaluating our existing services. If they do not suit your needs, please contact the Psychology IT Helpdesk to explore what other options are available to you. While most of our equipment is standardized, Psychology IT can build, configure, and manage the appropriate server to suit your needs.

UBC Workspace

UBC Workspace is a centrally provided DropBox-like service for storing your files from a universally accessible location as well as for document collaboration. Please click here to find out more.


Owncloud is provided by the department for researchers who require a place to securely store large video files and collaborate. While similar to Dropbox, it also offers web-based video playback. To sign-up for Owncloud please fill out the IT Account Request Form.

Once you have an account, instructions are found here. Most important are the notes around encryption.


The department offers a limited backup service to faculty and labs for UBC-owned computers only.  The request must be submitted by, or on behalf of, a faculty member. The storage limit is roughly 150GB per PI. Please contact the Psychology IT Helpdesk to inquire more about this service.