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Available rooms

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Use form by the door for one-time use – include contact nameBook via email: clinic[at]psych.ubc.caBook via:
Room Booking Request Form
2101 – Classroom (Kenny)
2563 – Classroom (Kenny)
1604 – Classroom (Kenny)
1621 – Classroom (Kenny)
2503 – Head Conference Room (Kenny)
2510 – Suedfeld Lounge* (Kenny)
2512 – Seminar Room (Kenny)
4038A – Meeting room (Audain)
4038B – Meeting room (Audain)
4038C – Meeting room (Audain)
Note: All three Audain rooms can be booked together and joined to form one large room.

*Booking the Suedfeld Lounge does not include room 2512 – if you need both rooms, please specify in your request.

Room booking requests must include:

  • Contact name and email
  • Event date, time and duration
  • Number of attendees
  • Event or course name
  • A/V requirements

Terms of use:

  • The room must be left clean after your meeting, including the disposal of food, drink bottles, utensils and wiping the table(s) clean.
  • The room must be returned to its original configuration immediately following your meeting.
  • All signs put up for your event (on entrance doors, etc) must be removed immediately following your event.

Please note:

  • Room 2512 priority is given to thesis defenses and department meetings; other bookings may be bumped
  • Room 2503 priority is given to Dept Head; other bookings may be bumped
  • Classrooms, Rooms 2101 and 2563, will not be available for ad hoc booking until classes are set for each term
  • Department may restrict use of classrooms, Room 2101 and 2563, to any group who has booked an above average amount of time
  • Users must notify the department (reception[at] if a meeting is cancelled