Program requirements

Coursework is selected in consultation with the student’s Advisory Committee, which comprises the student’s research supervisor and two additional faculty members chosen to assist in the student’s academic development. All students attend a weekly Social-Personality Seminar and give one research talk per year for as long as they are in the program. Graduate students are encouraged to attend and present papers at international scientific meetings such as Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Canadian Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, and Western Psychological Association.

MA program (at least 30 credits)

The MA program requires full-time resident study and should be completed within two years.

  • 6 credits of Social/Personality core program courses (see listing below)
  • 6 credits of statistics
  • 3 credits of PSYC courses outside the Social/Personality area
  • thesis (18 credits)

In addition, certain students may be required to complete additional courses or other undertakings because of deficiencies in their preparatory background; these requirements are specified by the program in coordination with the Graduate Student Progress Committee in writing during the first term of the student’s residence in the program.

Note: Students completing the MA program must apply for acceptance into the PhD program; acceptance depends upon the quality of the master’s-level work.

PhD program (at least 12 credits)

Full academic year residency is required for PhD students until the attainment of candidacy.

  • 6 credits of Social/Personality core program courses (see listing below)
  • 3 credits of PSYC courses outside the Social/Personality area
  • comprehensive examination (see the current Graduate Student Handbook for details)
  • dissertation

Core program courses

Social/Personality students must take at least four (3-credit) courses from the following list during their graduate studies (MA and PhD). Not all courses are offered each year, and other courses may be substituted on a case-by-case basis with approval from the student’s supervisor, area, and Associate Head, Graduate Affairs.

PSYC 507 – Cultural Psychology
PSYC 512 – Psychology of Emotion
PSYC 525 – Attitudes and Social Cognition
PSYC 527 – Interpersonal Processes
PSYC 528 – Advanced Methods in Social Psychology and Personality
PSYC 529 – Special Topics in Social Psychology
PSYC 567 – Personality Dimensions and Structure
PSYC 569 – Contemporary Conceptual Issues in Personality
PSYC 590 – Survey of Social Psychology I
PSYC 591 – Survey of Social Psychology II