Social | Personality

The primary aim of the Social and Personality program is to provide in-depth training in the scientific study of social and personality processes. Students are expected to pursue the goals of research excellence, effective teaching, and scholarly breadth. Towards fulfilling these goals, graduate students engage in research from the outset of the program, first by working under the close supervision of an advisor and then by assuming a more independent role as specific research interests are formulated.

The Social and Personality program employs an “apprenticeship” model of research training in which students work closely with one or more faculty members. Students are encouraged to work on projects with people other than just their primary research supervisor(s). Each student is selected for his/her compatibility of research interests with one or more members of the Social and Personality faculty. The program is designed to expose students to social/personality research early in their graduate training and to equip them with the skills necessary for conducting their own high-quality research.

Graduate courses in the traditional areas of social and personality psychology are offered on a continuing basis and more specialized seminars are offered as well. Students are expected to take advantage of departmental courses and seminars in related interest areas such as clinical, cognitive, and developmental. Many students will take additional departmental courses in those statistical techniques most relevant to their research interests.