Student assistance

Several avenues are available to assist students in resolving disputes or appealing evaluations of their academic status. As a first step, students are generally advised to attempt to work out any difficulties that may arise during the course of their graduate training with the relevant individual(s). The Director of Clinical Training (Paul Hewitt) can also be helpful in resolving problems in most cases. In the event that a solution to the problem cannot be worked out informally, there is a formal hierarchy in place to handle these issues.

Information about student evaluation and appeals processes can be found in the following places: Clinical program webpage, UBC Department of Psychology Graduate Student Handbook (section on Organization of the Graduate Program); UBC Graduate Calendar (section on Academic Regulations); and the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedure Manual. Students may also consult the Associate Head, Graduate Affairs (Sheila Woody) or the Graduate Student Society Advocacy Office.

An overview of various appeal procedures can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook, in the UBC Calendar, or in the UBC Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Handbook of Graduate Supervision.

A variety of academic and personal assistance and support is available on campus for graduate students, including Disability Services, Student Health, the Equity Office, and the Office of Access and Diversity. Related to financial matters, check out the departmental information as well as university information on financial assistance.