Relevant courses at UBC

Several courses in other departments on campus are of potential interest to clinical students. Students are encouraged to incorporate these courses into their programs of study where relevant and feasible. Program evaluation is an especially important tool. In addition to presentations on this topic offered within the program, graduate courses on this topic are available in Educational Psychology (Theory and Practice of Program Evaluation; EPSE 591) and in Health Care & Epidemiology (Health Services Research I: Evaluative Research; HCEP 540). HCEP also offers an advanced program evaluation course called Outcome Evaluation: Health Technology Assessment for Population Health Policy (HCEP 543) for those who want to seek specialized training. A course on supervision methods is available in Counseling Psychology (Supervision of Counseling Practice; CNPS 688). The College of Health Disciplines (of which our program is a member) offers interesting courses that may be of interest to clinical students.