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Applicants without a prior graduate degree must apply to the MA program, as this is the first step toward the PhD in our department. Applicants completing the BA/BSc program by September 2018 should apply for the MA program; applicants should apply directly to the PhD program only if they will have completed an MA/MSc degree in Psychology by September 2018. The online application will be available from September 1 to December 1 for students hoping to begin their studies in September of the following year (e.g., the application will be available from September 1, 2017 to December 1, 2017 for programs beginning in September 2018).

Admission to the graduate program is similar to any research-intensive psychology department in Canada or the USA. The program does not conduct pre-assessments of applicants’ credentials. Applicants are encouraged to review our website in detail and seek guidance on the general application process from professors and graduate students who have been providing the applicant with research supervision and mentoring during his or her undergraduate studies. Additional information on admissions can also be found on the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) website.
Applicants are required to select an intended area of interest (up to 3) and potential supervisor (up to 3) on the admissions application. Applicants are encouraged to review our Research Areas for program requirements on specific areas of study as well as information about faculty members and their research programs. Prospective applicants should ensure the research supervisors they plan to list in the application are (a) taking a student that year and (b) a good fit with the applicant in terms of research interests. Many applicants confirm these details directly with potential supervisor via email. Applicants will be not admitted without identifying a faculty member who is serving as their research supervisor.

All admissions applications are first evaluated by the prospective research supervisor(s). If a research supervisor is interested in supervising the applicant, then the program area (e.g., health, clinical) must approve the application, as must the Admissions Committee and the Associate Head for Graduate Affairs.

Every year, many qualified applicants are not admitted because necessary supervisory and/or financial resources are not available. Students who are successful at obtaining a fellowship for graduate studies from agencies such as NSERC, CIHR, or SSHRC greatly increase their chance of admission to the program. All eligible applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to one of these agencies. More information can be found on the Funding & Awards page.

Faculty not admitting students in September 2018

Alden, L.
Birch, S.
Hewitt, P.
Johnston, C.
Klonsky, E.
Linden, W.
Paulhus, D.
Rensink, R.
Schmader, T.
Suedfeld, P.
Todd, R.
Tracy, J.
Walker, L.
Werker, J.
Woody, S.

Programs not admisistered by the Department of Psychology

Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Counselling & Educational Psychology

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