In Tune With Your Brain: Harmonizing Creative, Clinical, and Community

Saturday May 15, 2021
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

A half-day symposium all about the intersection of music and the brain.

Ever wonder what goes on in your brain when you make or listen to music? Music seems to transcend cultures, boundaries, and populations, and for good reason: music uses basically our entire brains to process, and we usually don’t have to think about it. But what if we did think about how it all works? What if knowing how our brains process music allows us to maximize its transformative power in creative, clinical, and community settings?

This symposium aims right at the heart of these questions, and features:

  • An incredible keynote address by world-renowned music neuroscientist, Dr. Psyche Loui
  • Fascinating lightning talks and remarks from researchers and musicians across the globe, including UBC President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Santa Ono
  • An expert panel representing creative, clinical, and community realms
  • Exclusive musical performances
  • Opportunities to engage, ask questions, and network

Join UBC’s first Brain and Music mini-symposium as we delve into this incredibly exciting emerging field!


Hosted by:
UBC Brain and Music

In partnership with:
UBC Department of Psychology
UBC Science
UBC Faculty of Arts
UBC Faculty of Medicine
UBC School of Music
UBC Neuroscience Trainee Association
BC Brain Wellness Program