Academic and Career Success: Concurrent Workshops

Tuesday September 3, 2019
5:00 PM - 5:50 PM

Discover how to get involved and make your experience with UBC Psychology a successful one.

The Psychology of Academic Success

Learn some of the science of optimal study strategies, how to survive the mental marathon of university and resources for writing research papers.

Speakers: Patrick Dubois, UBC Psychology PhD Student, and Sheryl Adam, UBC Librarian, Humanities & Social Sciences Division
Location: SWING Room 105

Sheryl Adam
Avid defender of online privacy. Lover of puzzles. Catsitter extraordinaire. Social sciences enthusiast. Best part of job: interacting with students!!!

Patrick Dubois
Has helped a variety UBC instructors study teaching practices and how students learn. Has researched how different ways of knowing (and not knowing) relate to academic outcomes.

The Psychology of Career Success

What can you do with a psychology degree? Learn how to answer this question and gain insights into how to prepare for the workforce.

Speakers: Dr. Eva Zysk, UBC Psychology Lecturer
Location: SWING Room 107

Eva Zysk
Provide guidance for psychology career development. Passionate about student transitions. Research interests include aetiology phenomenology, assessment, and treatment of OCD contamination fear subtypes; virtual reality exposure therapy for social anxiety; and student presentation anxiety

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