Emotion and Self Lab 

The Emotion and Self Lab is currently seeking undergraduate psychology majors who want to learn more about social-personality research to volunteer as research assistants, or do a Directed Studies in the lab. To learn more about current research projects you might get involved in, check out our Projects page. Research assistants and Directed Studies students participate in every aspect of our research, from recruiting participants to running experiments, to organizing and collecting data, to coming up with ideas for studies and even helping to analyze data and write up results. Directed Studies students typically manage or run a project, taking a leadership role. Volunteering as a research assistant or completing a Directed Studies program is the best way to get research experience and learn about the research process, as well as about graduate programs in social/personality psychology. We are currently looking to hire people for the Fall term, ideally to continue through Winter term and beyond. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about ongoing projects that need the help of research assistants, please contact us:

Email – Jeff Markusoff, lab manager – jeff.emoselflab@gmail.com