Training and learning resources to help faculty, staff, and students apply EDI to our teaching, research and work environments.

Equity & Inclusion Office (EIO) | Equity & Inclusion Glossary of Terms
This resource provides with general key terms about Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in an alphabetical order.Faculty, Staff, Students
Extended Learning | UBC Certificate in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
[Training Course]
The program focuses on collective solidarity and co-creation of justice-centered, equitable and inclusive communities and workplaces.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Tapestry Tool
[Online Modules]
An open-source online learning platform that allows people to collaborate in the development of interactive, associative, and multi-modal content. Currently has a “Disabilities Tapestry” and “LGBTQ2S+ Tapestry".Faculty, Staff, Students
JEDII STEM Series | Theme 1: Supporting equity-deserving groups
A workshop by EIO on managing workload and burnout and thrive in their JEDII work within the current system.Faculty, Staff, Students
Faculty of Education (Professional Development & Community Engagement) | Anti-Racism Awareness
[Online Course]
This course is designed to systemically cover and uncover implicit and explicit forms of historic, systemic and institutional racisms and their colonial and intersectional impacts on marginalized peoples and their communities.Faculty, Staff, Students
JEDII STEM Series | Theme 2: Deep-Dive into Recruitment
A workshop by EIO about implementations for inclusive and equitable on-campus interviews.Faculty, Staff
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) | Inclusive Teaching Series
Resources essential for developing knowledge and practices of inclusive teaching at all course stages.Faculty
CTLT | Inclusive Syllabus
This handout guides you in creating a more inclusive syllabus with a learner-centered approach, which acknowledges students’ various learning preferences, accessibility needs, perspectives and lived experiences.Faculty
CTLT | Microaggressions in the Classrooms
Introduction to microaggressions and actions to take in classroom settings.Faculty
CTLT | Academic Integrity & EDI: Rethinking Pedagogy and Practices for Inclusivity and Accessibility
[Recorded Workshop/Youtube]
Learn how educators can construct an EDI-informed framework for academic integrity in courses.Faculty
Indigenous Research Support Initiative (IRIS) | Resources for Indigenous Researchers
A list of resources for indigenous community, including training, funding, best practices and other online resources.Faculty, Students
Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity (SPARC)
Workshops, sample grants and guidance to support Tri-Agency funding proposals, including incorporating EDI considerations into your applications.Faculty, Students
UBC Research + Innovation | EDI in Research Resource Library
A list of resources provided as a starting point for building EDI in research at UBC.Faculty, Students
UBC Research + Innovation | EDI in UBC's Research Community: Dimensions Pilot
The Dimensions program aims to identify and eliminate systemic obstacles and inequities experienced by members of underserved, marginalized and excluded groups.Faculty, Students
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) | Professional Development on Indigenous Topics
Learning resources that are Indigenous-focused, self-directed professional development opportunities available at UBC Vancouver and beyond.Faculty, Staff, Students
Intergenerational March to commemorate Orange Shirt Day
The march aims to be educational and supportive to the Indigenous community on campus and beyond. Faculty, Staff, Students
San'yas Anti Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program
[Training Course]
Self-paced training & learning activities on key aspects of cultural safety and anti-Indigenous racism.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Arts | What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom
A research project that aims to make Aboriginal issues visible, and to find ways to have more professional and productive classroom discussions.Faculty, Staff, Students
CTLT | Time and Place at UBC: Our Histories and Relations
The goal of the “UBC Aboriginal Timeline” is to build a shared understanding of the specificities and complexity of the time and place that we share today.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBCx | Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education
[Online Course]
A course aimed to advance reconciliation in classrooms, organizations, and communities through the teaching and learning of Indigenous ways of knowing.Faculty, Staff, Students
University of Alberta (Faculty of Native Studies) | Indigenous Canada
[Online Course]
A 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that explores the different histories and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples living in Canada.Faculty, Staff, Students
CTLT | Land Acknowledgement in Teaching and Learning
A comprehensive guide about land acknowledgement in practice.Faculty, Students
UBC Professional Development | Respect, Sincerity & Responsibility: Land Acknowledgements
[Canvas Course]
Foundational knowledge about land acknowledgement and some of the barriers many learners experience when doing land acknowledgements.Faculty, Staff
Equity & Inclusion Office (EIO) | Positive Space Language
A list of terminology to increase gender awareness in language and engage with others with respect.Faculty, Staff, Students
EIO | Introduction to Gender Diversity
Learn about different aspects of gender diversity and find information about UBC’s systems, policies, and practices.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Human Resources | Transgender and gender-diverse faculty and staff at UBC
Information to help employees understand available resources and benefits at UBC and how best to support and coordinate a transition process.Faculty, Staff, Students
EIO | Audit of Gender Diversity at UBC
The audit aims to help enhance the university’s understanding of the needs of university community members who are transgender, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse (T2SGD).Faculty, Staff, Students
EIO | Positive Space: Foundations
[Canvas Course]
An online course that provides low-barrier access to learn about sex, sexuality, and gender diversity.Faculty, Staff, Students

Centre for Accessibility | Blog
Stay up to date on urgent notices around access issues, such as construction on campus or broken elevators. Find updates for awards and opportunities, recent news and stories.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Campus + Community Planning | Accessibility on Campus
Regardless of age, background, or ability, UBC aims to remove any significant barriers that would prevent people from being able to participate as independent members of the UBC community.Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors
Open UBC | Open Educational Resource Accessibility Toolkit
A guide with best practices to create a truly open and accessible educational resources.Faculty, Staff
EIO | Accessible and Inclusive Event Planning
A guide to planning UBC events, public consultations, celebrations, and other occasions so that they can be equally accessible to, and inclusive of, community members who have a disability.Faculty, Staff, Students
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